Zach Duvall & Olivia Thawley, trying to see the forest for the weeds.

Zach Duvall, Olivia Thawley, Giannis Kipreos and Josh Hinds are Weedipus, a self-detailed dream pop project which as if intently springing from the current fever pitch in social tension, abject economic frustration and the looming threat of a second wave of viral misery - seeks to caress the listener and…

Music for when you aren’t having a crisis

Parker is back, his trusty hands at the helm of an intricate and polished space disco in the record that everybody and their dog saw coming, a pronounced and obvious quest for a pop sound preceded by previous Impala outings. Any hope of return to a rock sound is dashed…

I’d like my escapism dark and foreboding, please.

The fear shared by Sam Horton and Lyndon Scarfe is cross-generational. A mutual existential dread at the onset of an increasingly pervasive plexus of information networks and truth distortions found at the grimy underbelly of the global village. …

You’ll be glad he waited until the last track to tell you to go home.

This here is a treat of little known brilliance, member of the flagship Memphis garage punk band Oblivians, Greg Cartwright (aka Greg Oblivian) casts off his primordial and raucous shackles for an exercise in intimacy. This was released during the Oblivians hiatus, and although Greg covered a lot of ground…

’09. Simpler times.

Message from the chillwave ambassador of purple prose, Rainbow Prose!!

Is there really a better summary of the confusing abyss of summertime languor?

I think not.

I don’t even really know what it would have been like to be an adolescent in 2009, American kids immersed in the new internet…

Tom Seal/GreenIsTheColour

I stand outside music and from this point I observe it. Blast or Bless. No 12-step programs.

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